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One Way
Due to dissatisfaction with LJ's service, and immense *satisfaction* with Dreamwidth Studios, I have moved to Please update your links and head on over there.


I hate everything. I am not ALIVE, I am existing in MYSTERIOUS FLATPACK HELL.

As of 5pm this afternoon, K has a bookshelf. As of 11:30 this evening, I have a piece of bright red useless which OUGHT to be a filing cabinet.

Sjazz has kept extensive records of this evenings' work.

KYLEE: Aha! This goes here!
AMY: Yes, but that still doesn't answer the question of what the fuck are these things and what the fuck are we supposed to do with them.

STELLA: How do you spell "filing"?

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There's a poetry meme going around...

One Way
King and No King - William Butler Yeats

WOULD it were anything but merely voice!'
The No King cried who after that was King,
Because he had not heard of anything
That balanced with a word is more than noise;
Yet Old Romance being kind, let him prevail
Somewhere or somehow that I have forgot,
Though he'd but cannon - Whereas we that had thought
To have lit upon as clean and sweet a tale
Have been defeated by that pledge you gave
In momentary anger long ago;
And I that have not your faith, how shall I know
That in the blinding light beyond the grave
We'll find so good a thing as that we have lost?
The hourly kindness, the day's common speech.
The habitual content of each with each
Men neither soul nor body has been crossed.

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One Way
ajodasso has posted a list of her Rhysling-eligible poems, with links to those available online. I STRONGLY recommend you go and read some of them! Especially you, be_the_moon.

In particular, I want to recommend Devil's Road down, which is a good contender for my favourite of her poems. And I've just found and fallen in love with Blue Stars, which I don't think I'd ever seen before.

And, oh, wow, Moving Shakespeare's Bones is *stunning*.

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In case anyone is reading on an RSS feed

One Way

This LJ is now closed to the public.


Dear LJ:

One Way
I use an ad blocking program, so the whole time that I've had a Plus account, I've been able to enjoy 15 userpics without seeing any ads.

Lately, I've been checking this flist through Semagic's web interface, and I've discovered that my journal is beautifully decorated with a mixture of weight loss ads and sexist ads for what purports to be an online fantasy RPG but appears to be mostly about the cleavage. I find both of these disgusting.

This weekend, I will be moving this journal to Dreamwidth. I will be paying for their paid account, which I have never done and never had any intention to do on Livejournal, because paid accounts on Dreamwidth are a) cheaper than LJ and b) contributing toward the running of an ethical open-source project founded on principles of free speech, tolerance, community and co-operation. When they went to open beta, Dreamwidth had their first objectionable content report within three hours. The response: don't look at it then. Currently, Dreamwidth is the only open-source project in the tech world which has a majority female development team. I can't code and so cannot speak from personal experience, but rumour has it DW is one of the few open source projects out there where the management and the development team actively work to include and build up the skills of new coders.

The owners of Dreamwidth, Denise and Mark, are transparent in their decision-making and keep their userbase well informed about anything affecting the development of the site: development stats, service interuptions, new publicity initiatives, development policy... you name it, they put the information out there.

I have been uncertain about moving this journal: I don't post anything controversial, so I can't see this account being affected by something like Strikeout if it ever happens again. But I do not trust you, Livejournal. Last week, LJ, Twitter, Google and Facebook were all hit by DDOS attacks directed at a Georgian blogger who posts anti-Russian activist writing. It took three days for Livejournal to update its users about the attack and its effect on LJ service. LJers were having their IPs blocked before you told us what was going on. I could find out from the Sydney Morning Herald before I could find out from Livejournal about what's going on with Livejournal.

Incidentally, Livejournal: according to the SMH yesterday, Twitter and FB have restored the Georgian blogger's pages and are keeping them running (I can't spell his name, or I would), and, at the time, his LJ was still unavailable. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this is because Twitter and FB are American-owned, and LJ is not. Whether Twitter and FB would be as good if the issue were politically sensitive in America, as this one is in Russia, I do not know. But LJ has a long track record of poor handling of politically sensitive issues - it started long before the site was sold to the current Russian owners.

Dreamwidth is still too small for scandal. But, based on Denise and Mark's clear business integrity policies, I trust them to handle any scandal they encounter with principles of free speech, anti-discrimination, and individual responsibility at the forefront. And I trust them to keep their users well-informed about anything affecting the site.

I also know for certain that I will never find disgustingly sexist advertisements on my Dreamwidth page.

If you have been viewing this journal without an adblocker, my apologies. The world has enough disgusting advertisements encouraging women to lose weight, and enough media designed to appeal to men by the use of large-busted, submissive images of women. I am unable to remove the ads, as basic accounts are no longer available on Livejournal. As soon as I have Dreamwidth set up, I suggest you read me over there.

For my flist, I will continue to cross-post, but I will endeavour to find a way to lock all future entries here while keeping them public on DW.



On New Scientist's list of Top Ten Inexplicable Things About Humans, "Teenagers" come in fourth. Most apt.


Angevin2 fed Shakespeare quotes into a program which translates them from English and Japanese and back again until it reaches 'translation equilibrium' (the input is the same as the output, or putting it through again won't mangle it any further). The results are posted as a quiz. with results here.



I can open this flist in Semagic; my other LJ flist in LJ; and my dw flist in DW. SOCIAL NETWORKING, I HAS IT COVERED.


Skype instructions misread just now: choose a contact and start stalking

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